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Step-By-Step Fly Fishing Knot Cards

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These Waterproof Fly Fishing Knots are your ultimate guide to the 14 most essential fly fishing knots, plus a diagram of a basic fly fishing setup. These handy knot cards are printed on ultra-durable plastic so you don't need to worry about getting them wet, and they're small enough to slip into your pocket, something that can't be said for heavy paper books! Includes a mini carabiner to clip to your pack.

Approximately credit card-sized, this portable knot instruction book contains simple diagrams showing how to tie 14 knots that were specifically selected for fly fishing scenarios, along with descriptions and usage tips. Fly fishing knot cards make a perfect inexpensive gift idea for beginner and experienced anglers alike!


    • Fly fishing knot cards with step-by-step, color-coded knot-tying diagrams designed to be easy to follow, including descriptions and usage tips
    • Includes mini carabiner for clipping your knot cards to your pack or vest
    • Contains fly fishing setup diagram and clearly shows how to tie 14 essential fly fishing knots
    • Portable, durable, completely waterproof card format is perfect for using in the wet environments encountered when fishing
    • Fly fishing knots pocket guide is printed on super thick premium plastic card stock for unmatched durability -- these things are designed to last

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